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10 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips


10 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips

Graphic designer for hire here with 10 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips You Will Absolutely Love. I don’t claim to be an expert in the field. Hey I’m just a graphic designer. However, looking at some of the things that have worked for the professionals in the industry I have come up with 10 amazing social media marketing tips you will absolutely love whether you are a graphic designer or web designer or just a normal everyday person.

1.) Write niche content

For example if you have a website or blog about “food or cooking” create content or a blog that is RELEVANT! Don’t go on a tangent about zombies or NFL players. Keep it all about food. You also want to make sure you are writing content that your target audience wants to read or hear about. But don’t stop there, converse and communicate with your users engage them. It’s called social media for a reason. So ya go ahead be a complete social butterfly in the social media marketing world.

2.) Be completely Consistence

If you’re trying to gain a following using the method of social media you need to be consistent. That means regular posts. You also need to make sure your content is viewable across multiple platforms and operating systems. Such as mobile, laptops, tablets, iPhone and android devices. Why are they so successful? They are successful at being popular on social media networks because they work at it. They have a lot of content and it’s amazing!

3.) Give feedback

communicating with people who take the time out to support and listen to you and visit your site every day, they deserve to be responded to. As a consumer and a human “hahaha” thanks captcha! I actually am seriously put off by the individual who completely ignores any questions or comments I Have some tact, respond to the subscriber.

4.) Write content from the heart

I know its tempting to pick out low dense keywords and create articles out of them but that’s not going to get you the traffic you really desire. I promise you it’s not a lie, I once was like you and thought I could fool Google into ranking me higher based on my niche keywords. But I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work like that anymore. Google ranks primarily based on how many people are linking to your articles. So guess what froto? If you have a bunch of articles that just sound like gibberish repeated words do you think anyone is going to link to you or ever come back? I don’t think so! Wow you’re so smart… lol

5.) Don’t talk about yourself or your business

Seriously? No one wants to hear about how many burritos you ate and how you flushed it down with zero cola! No one will care about your company unless you give them a reason to. So give them a reason! Here’s a tip: Try to offer tips and advice that are useful. For example, If your niche market is food, talk about food prep, how to make cupcakes or what pans work best with baking. Those kinds of things are useful and 100% will get you more followers.

6.) Keep it simple

When I’m reading a blog or watching a you tube video, I’m looking to get the most simple straight forward answer there is. If there are 3 page long articles s or 5 min introductions on you tube video with crazy tangents. I will immediately click off and ban you and your site never to be visited again. Also the overkill with the ads and the “Pop ups that beg you to sign up”. Why would you put that on your site when you know deep down its completely annoying. If they want to sign up they will sign up but an annoying pop up begging them every 5 seconds will only scare them away.

7.)Become close friends with social celebs

Those people who are social media famous but not actually really famous those are the people you want to network with. Because they have great influence and you might even learn a thing or two from them.

8.) Create groups or join groups

You can find a lot of influential people or followers in your niche market by joining groups or creating these groups yourself.

9.) The timing of your post

Don’t post something at 4 am or post things with irrelevant timing or news.

10.) Reward your followers/h4>

Give away e-books, and prizes. Hold contest and actually give away real prizes.

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