25 Useful WordPress Optin newsletter contact forms


25 Useful WordPress Optin newsletter contact forms


As a Graphic Designer for hire I really love a good Word press Plug in. Especially when that WordPress plugin is FREE!  I decided to share my collection of 25 Useful Word Press opt-in and newsletter contact forms. Keep in mind when working with word press to sandbox test plugins before using them. Not all Word press plugins will be compatible with your theme.

There are 25 WordPress opt-in and newsletter contact forms here however not all will be compatible with some of the plugins you already have. Just a warning use FREE plugins with caution. As a Graphic Designer for hire I recently had my entire site go down and almost couldn’t bring it back to life over a silly rouge plugin. I would definitely back up my WordPress and database before installing plugins which you are not familiar with.

Do you have an awesome WordPress plugin that is either opt-in, newsletter and or contact form? Great Graphic Designer 4 hire definitely wants to hear about it! Please add the suggestion to the comments. Doesn’t matter if its premium, paid or whatever it doesn’t necessarily have to be a free plugin. As long as the WordPress plugin is useful just go ahead and add it to the list and thanks so much your feedback is greatly appreciated by Graphic Designer 4 hire.


Easy mail Chimp Opt-In

Mail Chimp is a FREE Email marketing campaign tool you can utilize to interact with subscribers. For site owners with relatively small email capture list or are just starting out mail chimp is a highly affordable solution and than if you grow you can always upgrade to the paid version.


Easy Mail Chimp for WordPress

This word-press mail-chimp plug in is awesome!  You actually have the ability to add a little box that’s pre-checked in your contact form area to increase opt ins. Not only that it also has a user interface dashboard to track data and users as well as some pretty cool opt-in forms to boot.


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